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Ruitai Beijing Headquarters

Ruitai Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.(Ruitai Technology) is a listed company (Stock Code:002066)with China National Building Materials Group Corporation(CNBM) as it holding company. Ruitai Technology is a Scientific and technological enterprise that provide research, production, sales and service, it is also a comprehensive services that provide refractory technology, installation and transportation for high temperature furnaces in the glass, cement, nonferrous, electrical and petrochemical industry. In terms of production scale, technological levels, product quality and innovation capability, Ruitai Technology takes the leading position in the industry.

Ruitai Technology is a birthplace for refractories in the building materials industry. At present time Ruitai Technology owns 13 member firms. Nowadays five product systems are established, including fused cast refractories, basic refractories, alumina-silica refractories, silica refractories and special wear-and heat-resistance materials ,Ruitai Technology becomes comprehensive enterprise with most complete products, widest business coverage and most export products.

Ruitai Technology received many national honors, is “Environmental-friendly and energy-saving company” and “China Torch Program-high tech enterprise”. Meanwhile, Ruitai Technology undertake social duties, Ruitai Technology is the President Member of China Building Materials Federation Refractory Sub-committee, the President Member of Chinese Ceramic Society Refractory Sub-Committee, the Vice Chairman Member of the Association of China Refractories Industry, the Vice Chairman Member of Refractories of Standardization Administration of China, the Vice Chairman Member of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, the President Member of China National Association For Glass Industry. Therefore Ruitai Technology enjoys the huge influence and power of speech in Refractory Industry and downstream industry.

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