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Refractory Symposium held in Ruitai Technology
From: | 2017-11-17

On 16th November,2017, Refractory Symposium was successfully held in Ruitai Technology. Dean of office of Research and Development of Wuhan university of science and technology, Professor Li Yawei and his research team, Director of testing center in Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, Mrs.Zhang Xiuhua, and Secretary-General of National Refractory Standardization Technical Committees, Mr. Peng Xigao attended the conference and made speech. Executive Vice President of Ruitai Technology, Mr.Yuan Lin held the conference,all the  technicians participated.

Mr.Yuan Lin introduced R&D situations of refractory central institute and “13th-five year” technical project, and was willing to promote industrial-academic-research cooperation with university and academy.

This Symposium boost interaction and cooperation with Wuhan University of Science and Technology, National Refractory Standardization Technical Committees and testing center of Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, further improve technology capability of Ruitai Technology and strength industrial cooperation.

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