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As the birth place of refractory materials in building materials industry, CBMA Refractory Institute is the precursor of Ruitai Technology. Therefore, Ruitai Technology inherited Refractory Institute’s all the scientific achievements.
During 6th Five-year Plan to 9th Five-year Plan, Ruitai Technology undertook several key R&D projects on refractories for building materials industry and won many rewards, including 1 second level and 4 third level prizes of National S&T Progress Prize, 7 Second level and 8 third level prizes of ministerial S&T Progress Prize.
During 10th Five-year Plan to 12th Five-year Plan, Ruitai Technology participated in the “State 973 Projects” ,“State 863 Projects”, National Key Technology Support Program, international scientific and technological cooperation project and China Torch Program. And Ruitai Technology gain more than 10 special fund projects and independent research hundreds of project.
Ruitai Technology own 135 patents, 5 national key new product and 65 provincial and ministerial scientific achievements.
Ruitai Technology has Central Institute of Refractory, which is dedicated to basic theoretical research, national standard, new products development, and undertake national and industrial research program; Research centers in braches focus on transforming scientific results and application, controlling quality online.

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